Un-Official World Record Attempt: 50 Property Tips in 5 minutes.
Written by Paul Preston - Property Expert, Guinness World Record Holder and Mentor
Video By Paul Preston on Oct. 12th 2016
50 essential property tips in under 5 minutes... that's one every 6 seconds!
They say that one tip can make the difference of thousands of pounds, and I believe they are right! Some of the smallest tips and changes in my property career have earnt me the most money. 

I'm always asked what my biggest property tip is and it's always so hard to think of one... so I thought of 50! And to make it a bit more fun, I gave myself the challenge of doing all 50 tips in under 5 minutes... that's one every 6 seconds!

Now, I'm not sure if it is a World Record, so let's just call it an 'Unofficial World Record Attempt'. 

I hope you enjoy the video and all 50 tips... wish me luck!

50 Essential Property Tips
  • Introduce yourself at network meetings for impact. 
  • Posting on forums - Posting and rating your profile. 
  • Stay off negative forums. 
  • Smaller properties, customer's treaty service to combination. 
  • Getting a mortgage, make sure you start to take the steps early. 
  • Ensure that you have clear objectives when you go to network meetings. 
  • Choose the right property investing strategy for you. 
  • Time management when you're getting started. 
  • Working with agents focus on a long-term gain. 
  • Testing for demand. 
  • Know what a deal is - Know the difference between a deal and a property. 
  • Get ready for business first. 
  • Get leads fixed out. 
  • Get contact leads out of landlords and direct mail in different sequence. 
  • Join ventures - Focus on the relationship, don't ask for the money first. 
  • Always think how can I help this person. 
  • Your profile - Ensure you've got a good answer for the question ''so what do you do'' - this will position you. 
  • Know your gaps and your weaknesses then hire further. 
  • Make sure you work on developing your success mindset - Because otherwise the property strategy will fall down if the mindset is not right. 
  • Simple systems in your business - Document your workflow so you have consistency in what you're doing. 
  • Tenants - Attract fast, select and retain the best tenants. 
  • Ensure that you know the full process from offer through to purchase through to fully length process. 
  • Know your numbers - There's a difference between gross and net and ensure you know profitability. 
  • Ensure you have the right power team in place - These could include; solicitor, broker, mortgage adviser, a coaching mentor.
  • Pitch without pitching. 
  • Goals - It's very important to have clarity on your goals so you know where you're trying to get to. 
  • Doubts and fears - Everyone has them, it's okay, just keep going. 
  • When you feel like giving up - By the way this will probably be most days if you're trying to achieve something incredible - just keep going. 
  • What is your lisp - I've got a lisp, it's my insecurity. What's your insecurity, what's your story? Wrong sex, wrong nationality, it's just bias. Get out of your own way and start being successful. 
  • Reward yourself - Make sure you pat yourself on the back sometimes and have some rewards in there as well. 
  • Peer group - Online and in real life. Surround yourself with people that are going to empower you. 
  • 'What if' question - What if this happens, what if that happens. 99% of the things you worry about will never happen, but worrying about them will stop 99% of people from ever getting started. 
  • Persistence - So many people have been financially free in the last 12 months; they didn't all have it easy, persistence pays. 
  • Cash flow maximisers - Make sure you're not leaving money on the table. There lots of ways to make money out of thin air on top of rental income, make sure you know them and you're using them. 
  • Have a system to follow - There are six steps to a 6-figure income.
  • My £60,000 mistake - Don't offer the right that you can give someone, ask what they're looking for. I got this wrong and it cost me a £60,000 investment because the person didn't want to go ahead after that. 
  • How £25,000 cost me over a million pounds - Don't be stubborn, I was haggling over £25,000 when the price is already rising. Someone did the deal; over the next 20 years that property would have probably made me a million Pounds. 
  • Be grateful. 
  • Put yourself out there, success is not going to come to you. 
  • Don't be afraid to fail - it’s part of the journey, it's part of the learning. 
  • If you're in a network meeting and you're speaking one-to-one with someone you've got close body language. Open your shoulder and invite someone else in, that's how you open your group and meet more people. 
  • Ensure that you qualify. 
  • Follow up with everyone.
  • To build wealth, focus on access and live below your means at the beginning. 
  • Leverage other people's term in knowledge and experience. 
  • The power of accountability - Have someone to hold you accountable. 
  • Letting software - What's out there to make your job easier?
  • Apps to use in your business - Dropbox, Text local and Evernote. 
  • Get help - You don't have to do it all by yourself. 
  • You are already good enough, start now. 

Wow that was more difficult than I thought, but... I managed it! If you watched the video above you can see I managed all 50 property tips in 4:53! 

As I mentioned earlier, 1 tip can make the biggest of differences. Which of these 50 tips can impact your business most? Which one can help you cross over that stumbling block? 

I hope you Enjoyed my Top 50 Property Tips, Now all you need to do is put them into practice!

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